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CEN Workshop Learning Technologies

The Workshop is discontinued due to CEN/CENELEC Management Centre policies on (lack of) open process and open documents - see this blog for more background information

The summary of the meeting between the CEN Management and the WS/LT Chairs 24 September 2013

Invitation to consultation meeting 15 October


Livelink document store 

This is the link to the CEN Livelink document space for the Workshop
For members of the workshop, this is the address to the email reflector to communicate with all registered experts: CEN_WS_LEARNING_TECHNOLOGIES@LISTSERV.CENCENELEC.EU

Business Plan

The last version of the Business Plan 

Become a Member of the Workshop

The workshop  is open to all free of charge. Please fill in the Participation Registration form

The Unique Identifier Challenge

WS-LT Domain Map

The June version of the Domain Map of WS-LT:

Also found at this URL http://www.icoper.org:8080/rid=1JJVDNF7W-6W46PF-1NM/Copy%20of%20WSLT_draft_domain_map_current.cmap

CEN Web space

The URL to the official WS-LT web space hosted by CEN is http://www.cen.eu/CEN/sectors/sectors/isss/activity/Pages/wslt.aspx

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