3rd Annual meeting of the European Competency SIG

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Two days workshops - towards an agenda for standardisation and research within the competency domain

The workshops are only for invited registered participants!

Registration will take place through the registration system of JISC CETIS. If you are invited, please register

Day 1: iCoper Expert summit

30th of November 2010, at Ambassador Hotel, Beyreuther Strasse 42, Berlin

Day 2: CEN WSLT Competency SIG

1st of December 2010 at DIN, Burggrafenstraße 6, Berlin

Topic and Method

The idea of the workshop is to provide future work items in the field of competency-based, technology-enhanced learning. Currently, most technologies and also people still think in terms of content, e.g., when planning courses, when searching and re-using OER, when describing learning opportunities. However, given the current European developments, it is necessary to initiate a radical paradigm shift: From Content to Competence (through Activities)!

The goal of the two days workshop is to identify current approaches, developments and tools and to understand how those could contribute towards this paradigm shift. The context is standardisation for Learning, Education and Training: We want to come up with an agenda for further standardisation actions, and identify issues that need further research.

Public website for the event

The public Google site we have used for the last two meetings are set up to host the further preparations of the 3rd Annual meeting of the European Competency SIG, see


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  1. Nov 03, 2010

    Tore Hoel says:

    Proposes "short title" for Day 2: "Competency standards – a programme for ...

    Proposes "short title" for Day 2: "Competency standards – a programme for CEN WS-LT a.o."