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Feature №2

LOC definitions are arranged in a hierarchical structure or framework, with items having broader-narrower relationships.

The hierarchy may be implicit in a document or file structure. The levels in the hierarchy, such as types of headings in a document, may also have implicit meaning attached. The structure may by polyhierarchical, that is an item may appear in more than one position in the hierarchy.

InLOC examples

  • The Europass CV Competency Framework is divided in two fixed hierarchies defined in the form:
    • of 5 sub-competencies for the language competency part. Each language sub-competency used on of 6 CEFR competencies (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) for the proficiency level (C2 to A1).
    • and in a list of 6 main personal competencies (described only by text).
      Each of these competencies support description in all EU languages. The HR-XML CV Application Profile use URI(s) to refer to the competency description file hosted at the Europass website. The Cedefop Europass CV and LP schemas contains no external reference nor additional internal reference, just the level for each language sub-competencies and a text description for the personal competencies.

InLOC treatment

Hierarchy is represented in InLOC as existing between LOCdefinitions, which are broader or narrower than each other in one of several possible ways.

The hierarchical relations are represented as LOCassociations of type LOCrel, contained within a LOCstructure.

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