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Current systems

The workplan says "Document currently well-used systems that use the general kinds of information envisaged." (See back on the Home page to check on the kinds of information envisaged.)

What I think we are looking for here is mainly lists of tools/systems, with links to more information about them and their use. Next to each system, please give some indication of the relevant information used in these systems.

Please add or reorganise the sub-headings here if you think they would be better.

E-portfolio systems

Please add here details of and links to any other relevant systems that use learner-ownable information.


PebblePad is a general purpose commercial web-based system. Their home page says
"PebblePad is much more than an eportfolio. It is a Personal Learning Space being used in learning contexts as diverse as schools, colleges, universities and professional bodies; by learners, teachers and assessors; for Personal Development Planning, Continuing Professional Development, and Learning, Teaching and Assessment."


The "about" page says "it is learner centred – a form of Personal Learning Environment. This is in contrast to the more institution-centric Learning Management System (LMS) ... Mahara will continue to evolve as a ‘pluggable’, modular ePortfolio system designed to leverage Web 2.0 web services and built with interoperability in mind."


This "is an open source web application which offers personalised evidence gathering for e-portfolios. Users can gather, map and showcase content from a range of online sources, including social network spaces, to support learning and personal development."
It was developed by MyKnowledgeMap, which offers several commercial tools and services.

Assessment- or ability-related tools and services

Capability Matrix

From MKM. "Capability Matrix lets you track, manage and develop the performance of your staff and get a comprehensive overview of their strengths and weaknesses."


TAG Developments "Managed Assessment Portfolio System" "provides summative and formative assessment tools" includes a "learner-centred portfolio to support the assessment process", a "management system for assessors to assign, track and mark evidence", and a "mechanism for assessors and learners to manage coursework".

HR systems

Eures and Euraxess

Support Europass CV xml export based on the Cedefop schemas.



Euraxess is the portail for mobility of researchers across europe.

Eures is the european mobility portal for all EU citizens

LinkedIn (USA)

Linkedin public profile include the hResume microformat by default.

Some XSL has been released to transform it to HR-XML Europass CV format and included in CVTranscoding tool.



Xing public profile include the hResume microformat by default.


EuroCV (IT)

EuroCV is a non profit org providing a free online CV hosting service for the users, available in most of the EU languages.

The online tool (PHP based) provide an API and is compliant with HR-XML Europass CV as well as the Cedefop schemas.



Online recruiting service South Africa (using the HR-XML Resume schema



Milch and Zucker (Germany)

Service provider, have worked on the German CV standard which is based on HR-XML Candidate v2 schema (and used by jobstairs online service), XSL for cross convertion with the Europass HR-XML CV profile are existing.





TalentTechnology (USA)


Lingway (FR)

Support HR-XML Candidate schema


Synergetics - Employability portfolio (BE)

Supporting NL standard and partial conversion from/to HR-XML Europass CV using the opensource eportfolio export/import gateway (PHP)


iProfile (UK)

Support HR-XML Candidate spec v2.5


Student record systems

Open Source Tools

Europass Admin Tool


"Europass Admin is useful tool to manage a directory database conforming to Europass information format."

Tomcat War available (using Lucene as search engines)

Wordpress CV module


This is a fork of the KiteCV module, review to be well integrated into Wordpress look&feel. Updated also to support both Europass v2 schemas as well as Europass HR-XML CV (v3).

Contact for the Europass / HR-XML implementation in this module : Marc Van Coillie

Elgg CV module


(use the Cedefop Online editor)


The Ifef in France as also developed a full Europass CV module for Elgg but is not available in the elgg website.

Osor Europass community tool:


"The purpose of both tools is to suggest a web-based PHP tool and a standalone Java application in order to (1) import a Europass XML or PDF+XML file into a relational database (MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle) (2) upload Europass PDF+XML CV and fill-in HTML form."

CV Universel project

The French CV Universel project has aimed to develop a relase of the Europass HR-XML CV that could be protected by Liberty Alliance standard (now the Kantara initative) for the exchange between the CV owner and other webservices.

A release of Authentic opensource identity management tool has been adapted for this as well as a specific release of KITECV Module

For more information contact : Marc Van Coillie


Operator Plugin for Firefox

support the hResume microformat.

Developed by Mikael Keply which has left IBM and is not longer maintained.

Used during an Europortfolio conference plugfest by Marc Van Coillie to show automatic extraction of LinkedIn CV to Europass and HR-XML



Other hResume tools:


eportfolio export/import gateway (PHP)


Support NTA 2035 (NL) standard


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