Developing MLR Part 5 Educational

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MLR 5 meetings leading up to the Osaka meeting in March 2010

Deadline for the next draft WD4 (ready to be posted as Committee Draft (CD1) just after the Osaka meeting) will be 2009-12-18

Last validation meeting before Working Draft 3

18 December 8 AM Monetral, 1 PM London & 10 PM Seoul time -

Link to a bigger version - hosted on the ICOPER Cmap server

Online meetings

Last meetings

Co-editors meeting

7 December
30 November
23 November -

Working on MLR Educational Domain model

Extended MLR community meeting
November 16


  • Short notice on modelling principles (what to model, where to store the maps, versioning, etc.)
  • Response from DC-Ed on our models so far
    • Their input/models will be found at ICOPER Cmap Server (in folder "Dublin Core Education Community")
  • Bringing our model forward - first modelling the domain of Part 5 - what is in & out of scope
  • Vocabularies
    • Pedagogical type - Instructional method (DC)
    • Ultimate beneficiary of the resource
    • See this Word document for vocabularies and definitions to be discussed

Next meetings

  • December 18 (confirmed with co-editors)

Agenda (to be added soon)

  • ...

The current working draft, discussed at the Umeå meeting in WG4 of the ISO Sub-committee

(more to be inserted here )

More Background information


More information

For more information, please contact Tore Hoel:  tore dot hoel at hio dot no Skype odintorloke

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