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We all appreciate the work Dr. Nikolaus Kovács have done for CEN Workshop on Learning Technologies, and here is the way we want to acknowledge his contributions when he visits our countries.


Tore Hoel: I will be glad to lead the way to this strange museum when you next time visit Oslo.


 Jan Pawlowski: Well, recent Finnish art & design is a bit to functional for my taste, that's why - when you come to Finland - I would like to go some centuries back...in fact 15-66 centuries...all over Finland but especially Jyväskylä, we can find a lot of prehistoric Rock Paintings. So, let's have a short walk to the Saarakallio Rock Paintings. The way there is rather scenic, minor climbing included! And if you happen to be just in Helsinki, we will find a pre-historic alternative.


United Kingdom

Simon Grant: we have many great old things in the North of England, and one of particular fame ...

Come and see it, or something else!


Simone Ravaioli:  I will be glad to take you for a tour of the Unviersity of Gastronomic Sciences  - www.unisg.it (Pollenzo, Piedmont).  Although the university is not yet involved in standardization, there is a lot interesting about the "diversity" of its premises -  the Wine Bank which partly funds the university and the wonderful surroundings - it is the land of Barolo and Barbaresco (Langhe).   If you are not keen to wine, we can do away with food - it the also the main headquarter of the Slow Food organization  - www.slowfood.com

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